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so sorry - I ended up ordering it overnight from Amazon!
Thank you!
I can't remember... can I cover SMBC with fondant?
Can anyone get me a picture of the cake on PG 30 of the Wilton Tiered Cake book?!?! I've lost mine and can't find a picture of that cake anywhere!
I've never heard of that - thanks for sharing!
Can I cover SMBC with Fondant?
I guess you have to click the "img_1846.jpg" to see it - it's also in my photos.I didn't cover it in BC before covering with fondant - I didn't have time for it to crust! Thanks for those tips - I'll have to play around with it!
I've seen RKT's (rice krispie treats) used for many things on cakes and it's such a neat concept! I've done it a few times myself but can't seem to get them smooth enough. Does my fondant need to be thicker? Do I need to coat the RKT with something before putting the fondant on?Here's a cake I did yesterday, ball and pins are RKT, but you can see they need help! THANKS!!!
Did your bottom cake have fondant on it? I just learned the hard way that when my bottom cake has fondant (stripes in my case) on it, the top cake has nothing to "stick" to like it would if it had been all buttercream. (Unfortunately, I was 50 miles away from the customer, leaving town for 2 weeks when mine happened - and it was a first birthday cake for the little girl I do daycare for!)
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