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it is for my cake class, since it is fondant, should i go ahead and cover it with sran wrap???? I sure be glad this cake is done, it is giving me a Betty
I made a 10in. round by 2 inch deep cake double layer....What size box would I use?? The ones I have is too small or not to deep.....GRRRRRThanksBetty
wow, that is awesome!Betty
I did a google search and found this.... daughter had Kim possible last year....I had to go everywhere looking for cake toppers for kim this year she wants a bratz....Ugh.....What happen to the simple themes!!!Betty
Thanks...I decided to go with fondant...I started making my roses and leaves.......I know it is 2 weeks away, but I know how time flys....It goes by like no tomorrow..... Thank you allBetty
I thought it was fun, but alot of work......yes I made my first rose out of fondant, sort of looked interesting after I finished it......lolI think since this is more the fondant way to go, I might just do that.....guess I better get on moving on my roses......lolBetty
it is for I'm not ready to do a wedding cake for a real wedding...I be to scared and was fun, but it reminded me of playdough......I'm still trying to decided.....I will post my fondant cake later when I get it on my computer....... I have a few days to think on what to do.......thanksBetty
I have a question??? I am taking Wilton cake class Course3, Well lastnight I had to do a cake with Fondant, and in 2 weeks I have to do a wedding cake, well I can either do the one in course 3 book or find one to do.......What is easier to do, one with fondant or one with icing......I'm not very good with flowers....What would be easier to do????? I'm thinking of doing the fondant one, but then I'm not sure.....I did buy me a wilton book on wedding cakes, I know my cake...
I know the pass few food eating competions I have seen was a skinny lady, weighing about 100lbs wins.....I want to know where the food goes....Makes me want to do a food eating competion....lolBetty
all those cake are pretty, but boy didn't know a wedding cake or a cake of that nature could go that high up.......Guess I'm a beginner!!!lolBetty
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