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thank you!!! I'll have to look
I am in the process of becoming legal, just 2 steps to go. I am wondering if there is someplace on here that has, or can point me in the right direction of, forms for:Cake worksheets (you know, those that detail the cake supplies, costs, or maybe better called receipts)I found the pricing matrixI can't yet afford Cake Boss, but is on my list "to get", comes after the ever expensive Food handlers licenseContractsThank you in advance for any help also carries them. Not the plastic containers, but boxes for cuppies.
I know it was here somewhere. There was a post about where people bought their ingredients from? Like vanilla, icings etc. Can someone lead me in the right place?TIA
MMM. That sounds good!!
Just thought this would make a nice cake for a bar-b-que...any ideas?
Thank you!!!
I have looked and looked (I am sure I missed it somewhere) for the how to on petit fours. Does anyone know where I can find the tutorial for it? Or at least the directions. Also, I hear it all the time on here, what is a cake extender? Thanks in advance, Deni
Wow that was a fun site!!!
Does anyone know of a place like this ( for people who make cupcakes instead of cakes?
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