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Do you have a Michaels near you for balck candy melts?  They usually have black at this time of year-before Holloween.
In my opinion you can't beat IMBC or SMBC but if you don't like that much of a buttery taste consider replacing some of the butter with shortening.
Thanks Ladies!   I am waiting to fill and stack until Thursday evening and will probably pull an all nighter!  That's the nature of the game isn't it  :)
I actually have to make a cake soon that has a gold metallic look to it.  I purchased Duff's gold spray from Michaels and tried it on a buttercream cake.  It was pretty with a nice metallic shine to it but I found it to be too yellow and not a true gold that I was looking for.  I ordered and just received a metallic spray from Americolor.  I haven't used it on a cake yet buy I sprayed it on a paper towel and the color is more the gold I am looking for.  Hope this helps.  I...
I have agreed to make a  wedding cake for this upcoming Saturday (Holiday weekend) and told the Bride I would make it if it could be delivered the day before the wedding which she did agreed to.  It is a  buttercream cake that will be able to be stored safely in one of the venues coolers until the reception.  I am wondering if it would ok if I began filling and crumbcoating my cakes Wednesday evening- frosting and stacking on Thursday with the delivery Friday morning?  I'm...
Italian buttercream.
I also agree with using cocoa powder.  That is what I used to get the aged look  on the baseball cake that I posted in my photos.  I used a dry bush to apply it!  Good Luck!
Have you tried the recipe from Jordan Winery?  It is an adaptation of Martha Stewart's recipe and it works everytime.  If you do a google search for Jordan Winery macarons you will find the recipe as well as a video which is fantastic.  Hope you have good luck, I love making these little gems.       BTW, I find that making the macarons the same size is the most difficult part of making them  so I printed on  my computer  several pages full of circles - the size I want my...
Sending extra buttercream.....didn't think of that!    Thanks again
Thanks for the imput, I really appreciate it.  I live in MIchigan and we just went from hot humid weather recently to tomorrow's high of only in the upper 60's so you never know what the weather will be from one day to the next.  I love the idea of the toothpicks to keep the tiers from shifting.  The good thing about this cake is that she likes the rustic look to the cake so any little booboo will be easier to hide.   Thanks again!
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