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Italian buttercream.
I also agree with using cocoa powder.  That is what I used to get the aged look  on the baseball cake that I posted in my photos.  I used a dry bush to apply it!  Good Luck!
Have you tried the recipe from Jordan Winery?  It is an adaptation of Martha Stewart's recipe and it works everytime.  If you do a google search for Jordan Winery macarons you will find the recipe as well as a video which is fantastic.  Hope you have good luck, I love making these little gems.       BTW, I find that making the macarons the same size is the most difficult part of making them  so I printed on  my computer  several pages full of circles - the size I want my...
Sending extra buttercream.....didn't think of that!    Thanks again
Thanks for the imput, I really appreciate it.  I live in MIchigan and we just went from hot humid weather recently to tomorrow's high of only in the upper 60's so you never know what the weather will be from one day to the next.  I love the idea of the toothpicks to keep the tiers from shifting.  The good thing about this cake is that she likes the rustic look to the cake so any little booboo will be easier to hide.   Thanks again!
A friend asked me to make her wedding cake with the bottom tier a12 inch square of actual cake and the next 3 tiers (10/8/6) dummies-all frosted in IMBC.  Will this work and should I put a dowel the entire cake so there is no cance of any movement-It will be traveling approximately 2 1/2 hours.  I am not attending the wedding and I need a little advice and encouragement. :)
Thanks vldutoit - You are right ther is no oil or butter in kakladi's recipe and since the one that I used is very similar it should work.  The cake is for family and free so if it is a little dry I won't be too upset.  Thanks again.
OK, so I was in a hurry to start on my niece's graduation cake a 2 tier 14" and 10" stacked cake and realized  WHILE they were baking that I omitted the butter in 2 of the 4 pans.  I have no idea which is with or without the butter, they actually look the same.  I was so tired and frustrated last night I wrapped them in Saran and went to bed.  I woke to get ready for work this morning and shaved a smalll bit of the top of the cakes and they all tasted pretty good- no real...
I used cocoa powder on one of my cakes to give it a "dusty/dirty" look.  I used a fluffy brush, dipped it in the cocoa and tapped off the excess, it works great.  I used this technique on my baseball cake that I  posted if you want to see how it looks.  Good luck.
I agree, do all of the work ahead of time and deliver assembled.  I made a 3 tier cake covered with buttercream rosettes amd delivered with no problem at all.
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