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I have a spa cake and cookies in my pictures that would work, {the cake inspiration from others here} The cookies could be made into cupcakes. Good luck! : )[/img]
Thank you so much Rylan, I appreciate your reply!!
Hi Everyone,Usually I transport my cakes unassembled. In the fall I am doing a 3 tier stacked wedding cake that will be transported about 1 -1/1/2 hrs away.How many of you stack and dowel the cakes for travel? I guess I would just dowel it as usual and than drive a center dowel through all layers am I correct? Will it travel okay that way? It will be all buttercream no fondant.Please let me know any tips or suggestions you may have!Thank You!
Thank you so much to all of you that answered! My computer is working again and I'm so happy to see the kindness that still exists here!
Hi,I just purchased about 10 bottles of Lorann gourmet oil flavorings. I would like to use it to flavor buttercream to have different flavor options. The only thing that I have been able to find about it is how concentrated it is. I'm not sure how much of it to use at a time. I.E. is it just a couple of drops or measured by 1/4 tsp? I would be adding it to a full batch of buttercream.Does the flavor intensify as it sits?If any one can give me advise or suggestions I would...
Thank you everyone for the replies! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Hi,Does anyone have suggestions on how to put flowers between tiers? I have only done a couple of these with fresh flowers, I just layed saran under the flowers and just kind of stacked them.On this one I will be using artificial and real. Is there an easier way than just stacking?I would appreciate any suggestions!Thanks!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don't know why this didn't come up in a search but I'm so glad that you answered.
Hi Everyone,Could anyone tell me where to find miniature cake boxes? I would prefer clear and they would have to be at least 4x4. When I did I search I could only find ones in the UK, all others were too small.I have 6 miniature wedding cakes[about 3 inches tall] to do for a Bridal Shower at the end of the month and would appreciate any ideas on how to package them.Thanks.
Hi Jeannette,I bake it in a pampered chef bowl and place that cake on top of 8 inch cakes for the height of the Barbie.Just wrap an undressed Barbie with saran wrap anywhere it will come in contact with the cake and stick her down in the middle. Build the icing around her middle and bust and decorate.
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