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Last year at christmas I purchased a decorated gingerbread cookie from starbux - it was awful! The gingerbread was old and hard, and the icing on it was definitely royal - hard and unpleasant tasting! Don't know if these are the same ones you've tried, because this was a year ago.
I have stored it before when I made too much and had extra, but don't store it for more than a few days - after that it gets little light grey/black dots in it and I wouldn't use it at that point (I think it's because of the eggs? not sure). You can also make the cakes a few days or weeks ahead, wrap well and freeze until ready to ice.
manatee - thanks for the tip. when refridgerating icing, how do you get it back to the right consistency/temp for icing? I mean do you run the bottle w/ icing under hot water, or just remove from frig and let set out until room temp? the bottles I used are the wilton ones I bought some 16 oz ones from michael's and smaller 8 oz from wal-mart.
ok, the icing I used is just powedered sugar and milk or water, so clean up should be about the same, huh? Thanks for your responses!
Ok, so I took y'alls advice and tried piping through the bottles for my latest batch of decorated cookies - LOVED IT!! SOOOOOOO much easier than using piping bags! No mess dripping from both ends! Next time I will make my icing a little thinner because I will say that my hands felt arthritic after squeezing the bottles so hard and for so long, but other than that, great idea!! I was also wondering how y'all clean the bottles when done? Right now mine are in the fridge...
Wow, those are incredible!! What technique did you use for the bottom layer of icing? (Paint on, dip, pipe on, flow in with bottles, etc?) thanks for showing your awesome work!!
I'm so excited, this is such a fun idea! Count me in! (Although maybe not the first month or 2 because I'm having a baby in 2 weeks!!). Can't wait to see everyone's great work!
I use karo, but don't like it much b/c it is a bit sticky. I've heard other people say they cut out the shapes in mmf with same cutter, then as soon as they come out of the oven, lay the mmf shape on top of the hot cookie. The heat from the cookie causes the mmf to adhere. I've not tried it yet, but it sounds like a goood idea!
I'm in Texas - anyone know where to get any of those around here?
hi, just wondering for those of you talking about purchasing buttercream from wal-mart or sam's, is it sold off the shelf, like with their regular products? Or do you have to go to the bakery and ask them to sell it to you? How much is the smallest bucket (interested in trying it without a huge $ committment). Thanks!
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