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rotflol @ "wal-mart" theme
maybe they're frozen for so long that it zaps all the flavors out that would normally cause him to be sick
I've been wondering about this one too, can't wait to hear the response!
I know exactly what you're talking about, but not sure what they're called - like a fat sugar cookie, right? When we were in San Antonio I got some at Mi Tierra's and said, these are so good, when I get home I'm going to look up they recipe aunt was like, do you know what they're called? They all laughed at my response..."yeah, galletas!" which apparently means"cookie" in spanish, if you find out what they're called let me know
That's soooooooooo neat!! I can't wait to see you all on TV and finally put names with faces!
so I'm curious, did the casting department pick and assign each team's assistants, or were the main decorators allowed to pick their team/assistants?
lol - now there's one I haven't heard - "snert..."
I think I'd have marched myself over to the brides' changing room and told her what was going on...I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for ruining her day when she found out her dream cake was replaced with krogers' frozen sheet cakes...
Yes, this is what they had us do at training (a few years ago) - we took a 10 in or 12 inch cakeboard, did basketweave around the bottom half of the circle, then a rope border around the entire circle, then place course 2 royal icing flowers coming out of the basket with the birds on the side...
On the cakeboss show they're always "steaming" fondant with a steam machine and that gives it that glossy/shiney look - maybe an expert here will chime in with specifics on that technique
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