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If my hubby bought me a sheeter, I'd be giving him more than cake... and probably every night
Just chiming in to add that in our new house we have a gas stove/range and I LOATHE it! Apparently when they installed it, the back "foot" is lower than all of the others, so all of my cakes bake at a slant! The gas line is short, so we can't pull it out from the wall to fix the foot! (don't know how we'll tackle the gas line issue when we ever get a new stove!)At our old house, we had purchased a radiant burner type oven/stove top - it was awesome, heated water, etc...
Thanks for the input on pricing - I was afraid to over or under price! Can either of you tell me a basic how-to on a simple crown like this, or point me to a tutorial or thread where this is covered? Would you do fondant, gumpaste, or a blend? TIA!
have a request for 3 tiers of cupcakes (on a stand), the top (fourth) tier is a 6in round with a fondant/gumpaste crown on top...that'll be a first. What's the best way to charge for a fondant/gumpaste crown? The cake and crown separately (if so, how much for the crown) or should take my regular price per serving rate and then add to the pps rate for the crown (if so, how much do I factor in to cover the crown)?here's a pic:
me too me too! please post !
rotflol @ "wal-mart" theme
maybe they're frozen for so long that it zaps all the flavors out that would normally cause him to be sick
I've been wondering about this one too, can't wait to hear the response!
I know exactly what you're talking about, but not sure what they're called - like a fat sugar cookie, right? When we were in San Antonio I got some at Mi Tierra's and said, these are so good, when I get home I'm going to look up they recipe aunt was like, do you know what they're called? They all laughed at my response..."yeah, galletas!" which apparently means"cookie" in spanish, if you find out what they're called let me know
That's soooooooooo neat!! I can't wait to see you all on TV and finally put names with faces!
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