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Thanks for sharing - I have never found a chocolate chip cookie recipe I liked (for the same reasons you stated), so I can't wait to try this one!!
I put a parchment piece in the bottom (just cut to fit the bottom only, not sides) and then spray baker's joy or equivalent on the sides and bottom of paper as well.
for cookie cakes I only do buttercream
lol, i use 1 batch for an 11x15 and 1 1/2 batches for a mine probably aren't as thick as yours, but they're definitely thicker than the grocery stores and cookie chains, and really popular
I agree w/debster - I use my 2in. cake pans. For a 12in. round I use half a batch of choc chip cookie dough, then spread with my spatula evenly in pan. They're much thincker than the cookie pans, customers love 'em!
thanks so much for the coupon! I didn't get updates that there were replies to this thread, but thought I'd check back just incase - good thing I did, I hate going to Michael's w/out a coupon! I've signed up more than once at but still don't get any emails from them...other people have told me the same thing, then there are some people who seem to have them every week, wonder if I did something wrong in the sign-up process?
Can someone please post a current Michael's coupon or link to one?TIA!
I always plan to do these for my family/household gifts every year and spend months daydreaming the different combinations and planning...and then run out of time due to other committments, so I've never really done them! But I have done Christmas cookies and candies in general, and one that everyone always loves is the Andes' mint chips cookies - yummo!
thanks sharon!
I know I read about this on a thread a while back, but can't find it now - who has tried the petitfour/cinnamon roll icing sleeve found here: what did you think of it? Is it better/easier than making homemade poured fondant? how does the taste and performance compare?
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