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I just got a dobord! can't wait to try it out - wondering about the instructions - do you guys really oil it? is wood oil food safe? and do you wash with soap and water after and before each use?
So I can make them, put in pan, let cool for 20 minutes or so, then cut? And should I let them set or whatever after being cut before covering in fondant, or can that be done right away? Sorry for all the questions, I've never used RKTs for cakes before - just for snacking thank you all for all the input!
that brings me to my next question - would you put rkts in a pan to harden before cutting, etc? I'm not actually going to be molding so much as needing to cut shapes for game cartridges and controllers...
thanks for the responses! Should I lightely shortening the wax/parchment for easy removal of the royal icing? should the royal be thinned/run or full strength?
It's actually for the controllers and game cartridge on a nintendo cake, so do you think the standard recipe will be fine or should I omit the butter as suggested? (not bearing any weight, just placed on the cake boards) thanks for all the responses!
My local cake shop is no longer carrying my favorite hi-ratio, PS99...they only carry DAWN hi-ratio cake and icing shortening, and it's in a 50 lb block - can anyone let me know if it's good? I have weddings coming up and I'm desperate for hi-ratio but want the good stuff!!
What is the best medium to use for a monogram on the sides of a cake? And the most accurate way to do the actual monogram? I've done a few but was not happy with the results, so wanted some insight...
When you use rice krispie treats to mold something, then cover w/ fondant and decorate - do you just use the recipe from the box? Or does it need to be altered any?
I'm sure this has probably been covered somewhere in this thread, but I have a newborn and little sleep - so no time to read 32 pages to find it what do you all charge for cakeballs?
Fudge, decorated cookies, and PUMPKIN ROLLS (they'll be the death of me...)
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