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Super cute, love the logo and website! Something that caught my eye was your promotion with the stamps on the back of your business card - I am looking for ways to promote my business and think this is a great idea! Can I ask where you get the stamps made? (Is it like a sticker stamp or an ink stamp?) does it help with return customers, etc?
Ok I have a few dumb questions...what exactly is an LLC? What is EIN? And is the sales tax id also the same thing that we would use when purchasing supplies that would exempt us from paying sales tax on our purchase?
No, mine have never warped, and I've had them for 7 years - they are a heavy guage aluminum, they hold up very well, and I love that they bake so evenly (unlike those nonstick/dark sheets that usually burn my cookies!)...I won't use anything else
I lovelovelove the jelly roll type pans for cookies - the best price I've found is at Sam's Club, they come 2 to a pack for $10.77 - vs. other places that sell them for $30/1 pan! They are aluminum, heavy-duty, about a 1-inch wall/lip on all sides. They cook beautifully and evenly, and I never have to grease them, even when I don't use parchment! I think I have 12 of them, so big fan!
last year I used some christmas money to buy myself the beater blade and the sideswipe blade, but wasn't impressed with either of them - they aren't scraping the sides of my bowl like they promised - maybe I don't have the height adjusted right?
Hannah Lass - you had me at gourmet rocky road - will you share that recipe?
So glad I found this thread - have a little christmas money from santa and didn't know what to spend it on - have the agbay and kopykake, have mixers...thought about an edible image system or cricut cake, but don't think I would use them enough to justify them since I just do this from home...wish I could find a sheeter for $300 bucks
lol, I didn't know you were supposed to oil wood cutting boards, but I don't own any either...where do you buy wood oil?I tried the dobord yesterday and loved it!
thank you both! I can't wait to try it out - hopefully tomorrow!
thank you k8! I think I remember reading that some people use parchment even with the dobord - I am a parchment girl and always roll between parchment so I won't have to add extra flour - just wondering how this works (parchment) with a dobord? anyone? do you cut the parchment the size of the square? does it slide around?
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