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awesome - thanks for letting us know!
Thanks for the heads up - I will have to check our Randall's for this sale/coupon! Is the 18.25 the original size? wow, I didn't even know Ross carried fondant?!
thanks so much!
thank you for explaining
is there a way to buy wholesale without the tax id?
Is this a yearly fee or a one-time fee?
Thank you all for responding, I appreciate your insight
Thanks so much for your input - I love the idea of dropping off samples! Did you do it as a varitey tray/box or did you keep it simple with all one flavor or item? How many do you drop off at once? And with multiple business cards or just a few?Sorry for all the questions! PS - LOVE your blog and website!
Due to the passage of the Texas Cottage Foods Law (9/1/11) I will finally be able to advertise and bake for people. I am hoping to increase my client base and get the word out. I recently set up a facebook page in preparation for the launch, and am trying to plan ahead for upcoming deals and specials to offer to increase interest and gain loyal customers - what do you all offer?What specials/deals/promotions do you have both regularly or seasonally? What works for you?
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