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Kate even for buttercream? My bank account would certainly love to get a raise, but I only do a few orders a month and as it is & I lose a lot of potential business because they balk at my prices after getting a quote...
Thank you!  My regular buttercream starts at $2/serving, my basic fondant at $3/serving, so I wasn't sure where this would fall because even though it is buttercream, it will be tedious ;) I'm sure the client won't be disappointed even with my fondant rate - she was quoted by two different decorators = one was $96 for 24 servings ($4/serv!) and the other was $132 for 24 servings (so $5.5/serv!)
Customer wants a cake that has rainbow layers on the inside and covered in sprinkles on the outside - would you charge extra (since it may be a PITA)?
Thanks for your advice Ursula, I will do that - that's pretty much what I thought but I hated to toss them if there was a chance they were still good...I will appreciate the freezer space though!
I noticed that I have an entire shelf of my deep freeze devoted to cake top/scraps just waiting to be made into cake balls/pops...but I rarely get orders for these, and some of them are dated 2 years back...can someone please let me know "how old is too old"? At what point does something become freezer burned and/or lose flavor? I don't want to keep them if they will be nasty but I also don't want to throw them out/waste them if they are still potentially good...
where can I find the sculpey sets you mentioned? Does Michael's or Hobby Lobby carry them?
ugh! First I should tell you that I am actually a Duncan girl, but there are a few flavors of BC that I prefer...keeping that in mind and following a cc'rs advise, I ran out to Randall's (Safeway) a few weeks ago when they had BC on sale for .99, I had coupons for $1 off of 2 mixes, making them .50 a cake mix. I was very careful to purchase only the bigger, 18.25 boxes (which were hidden at the back of the shelves, behind all the shorter new boxes). All I can say is,...
awesome!! will have to head to ross on payday!
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