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I see this is an old thread but would sooo appreciate it if anyone had a cookie order form to share! Thanks =)
Those are so cute =) Thanks for sharing!
I know I am early but planning the holidays already =) Want to make cupcakes for gifts this year and was wondering if you would be so kind as to share what cupcake is 'Christmas' to you. Thanks!
I am curious also =) Thanks!
What sealer do you prefer and what type of bag do you use with it?
I just noticed the ad on the right-hand side for the Cake Boss Software. I checked out the site and it looks pretty cool! Anyone out there use it? I do cookies-it looks like it can easily apply to cookies and not just cakes. What's your thoughts?
I have not tried that experiment with chocolate chip cookie dough but the other day I made a batch of NFSC and baked half of a batch immediately and put the the rest in the fridge. 3-4 days later I baked the other batch-did not like it. It was more crumbly and the flavor wasn't as strong. I will either bake immediately or put in freezer from now on.
Hi guys, Thanks for the nice comments! Knead: I am in Owosso which is in between Lansing and Flint. Where's Berkley?
When the air starts turning crisp in the evening...that's when I get fall fever! I found a pumpkin flavoring at my local cake supply shop. They were along with the other little flavoring oils but this had their own label on it saying just 'pumpkin'. I just flavored the icing with the oil. I think they are yummy but my eight year old didn't (he just dosen't have my sophisticated taste yet, I guess)
Trying for the third time!
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