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me gustaria saber!
Beautiful cake! Good for you and congrats!
hiyou could fisrt put warterproof ribbon on the cake and over the satin ribbon.hope this helps!
Thank you sooooo much for all your help and ideas!!!!!!!!
a customer of mine is ordering a grooms cake. The groom would like for smoke to come out of the center of the volcano cake. And he would like the smoke to be red. I really need a little help with this a suggestions?Thanks
Use one of those Wilton plates in between tiers. Lets say you have a 10" cake at the bottom and a 6" cake on top. Take two 6" cake circles and tape them together. Then cover the 6" cake circles with the Wilton foil. Fill, frost and decorate your 6" cake on this board. Once your are done decorating your two cakes refrigerate them over night. Next day take a 6" Wilton plate place it in the center on the 10" cake and press lightly. Place the dowels or whatever you normally...
I think the boling water is to disolve the cocoa powder. Maybe your baking powder or baking soda ingredients were off?
Cakemommy,I had a student in one of my cake decorating classes that told me about this trick when baking. However, she uses strips of towels (kitchen towels). She took a Wilton class during the late 70's or early 80's (I can't remember) and they would teach the students to use this method when baking cakes. I guess after the years Wilton introduced the bake even strips.
In Chicago that is a big NO!. But I've heard some counties allow a home bakery. You must have a seperate kitchen in your home. Check with the dep of health of the county where you live.
Yes it crusts. You can always can add meringue powder if it dose'nt.
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