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Thanks to those of you who offered advice. I was merely observing that a lot of the newbie posts go ignored whereas the regulars have seemingly real time responses.It's really frustrating when your time is limited and you're left looking at a pile of wasted ingredients from a recipe you attempted because it's so highly rated. I've heard so much about the recipe that I thought I was the last one to try it.
8 views and no replies? I guess you have to be a regular to get help.
Can anyone help? i just made the recipe it turned out extremely crumbly, any advice much appreciated.
I actually did this on monday. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but my sea turtle cutter did turn out pretty good. I couldn't find the copper flashing, but I was able to find some thin metal that I cut into strips with some tinsnips. It's time consuming, but works in a pinch.
Here's some more. The bottom link you can do a buy it now and get the set for 1.99 plus shipping. Good Luck.
I don't know about your urgency on needing a cutter, but there is one listed on ebay. that helps!
Here's the pic I did of a cookie for my cousin's birthday. (it got a little smooshed) I shaped mine by hand, but the bell cookie cutter would have been so much easier. All you'll need to do is modify the clapper portion of the bell to be more pointed. Hope this helps.
Has anyone ever used the squeezit mold painter for cookie decorating? Would you recommend it?
I am getting married in July and have looked everywhere for the discontinued comfort grip wedding cake cookie cutter. Does anyone have any advice on somewhere that I could purchase one? I've looked on ebay and done tons of searches, but haven't been able to locate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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