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i can't sign in.the sigh in place is missin.
luvsfreebies72 i would have walked out with the 2k.or canceled the you mean to say you wouldn't. usuzy
what a waste of time.i would have turned around an walked out without the so called cake.are you sure that is duff's cake. i can't beleive how ugly it must be a must have the wrong picture's. suzy
sorry once your in, there is no way out.she's one of us now. susie
when i made the wheels i used mini donuts then the next one i did was oreo's covered in white chocolate.hope this helps susie
ok i bought a rod i think you put it in the cupboard.or even it looks like a shower goes from one end on my spare room to the other.i then made hole in the pans that don't have holes.i hooked them up with shower hooks, now i hang them on the holds 60 pans.that is the only way i no how to control the mess. good luck
happy 1st. an isn't this a nice place to be...
hi i make a lot of 3d cake an i charge $30-$35. but last week when i made garfield i looked at it an i said to my husband i'm not charging enough.there is so much work in i was thinking maybe $40-$45.if you buy them in a store you'll pay a lot more then that.hope this helps you out.
i give a half dozen cookies along with there order.
i have a maytag two smaller than the bottom.but i do a lot in the top i can get a lot my stove.
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