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Im making a wedding cake and its covered in Ombre torn wafer paper. How is this done. Thanks for any help
I use the 6x sugar but have found that it needs to be sifted. It sometimes has hard clumps of unrefined sugar. Im going to try the 10x and see what happens.
I can open my photos but there are no posts to any of my photos. So Im not ignoring anyone, I simply dont have anything to read. Hopefuuly it will straighten out soon.
I am not saying it was not generous of FatDaddios to make the offer. It was very generous. That was not the issue. Nor if we can or cannot afford to buy them. The issue was "why cant we find the link or the post" and how that was handled. I intend on buying a set of pans anyway, as I told Greg in my email to him. I was only stating what seems to be what alot of people noticed. My apologies to those offended. Hopefully we can all agree to disagree and move on.
I am very dissappointed in how this was carried out. First it was to be posted on Global Sugar Arts site( which I watched for 2 days) then you had to jump through hoops,and do tricks to find out how to order one. I emailed greg and asked if I missed it on tuesday and he said he was talking to Allen as we speak, hed get back to me and that didnt happen. I just think it should have been alot clearer as to how this whole thing was to be carried out. I will order my sets of...
I just looked at the Womansday Site to see who won the Sillycake contest and the winner made this really cute Watermellon cake. Does anyone know whos cake that was? Id love directions!! I cant seem to find out how to post the winning picture.
Im trying to find a Debbie Brown book called "Cakes for Men" Does anyone have this book?
can someone please point me in the direction of the recipe
Your right.....................I work in a Jail and I'll tell ya we become very guarded in that environment, and it is very nice to know that hereyou can ask someone for something(advice) and not feel like your intruding or asking for the secret recipe! We are all trying to better our baking,deorating skills in a very competitive field yet I see so much giving from someone so that another person can become better. You WONT find that out there in the real "dog eat dog"...
I have emailed the Admin and was told "eventuaully" that was it
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