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Has anyone tried PerryStCakes' banana cake recipe and know what the ? symbolize, some say 1 ? C and another says ? C of butter in cake batter, can u help please
Sorry, I wasn't clear, a tree topper is what I want to make, I appreciate your help. The wire sculpture sounds like a good idea
baking in a coffee or soup can is a great idea, never thought of that
Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make a tree with branches with leaves falling off. It's a Fall wedding. The bride and groom will be under the tree, laying or sitting (not sure yet). Iwas thinking of chocolate or fondant, if I do fondant how much cmc would I mix into fondant and is just mixed in dry cmc powder to already made fondant? Appreciate all the help.
Does anyone know where to buy CMC that lives in Calgary...thanks
What buttercream recipe do you like the best? I just like to get opinions on which is the best to you. I find my recipe tastes good, but a little greasy.I use this one:1/2 cup butter1/2 cup shorteningMeasure in 1/2 cup water, 1 1/2 tbsp vanilla, 1 capful almond flavoring2 tbsp meringue pwdr (mix together)8 cups icing sugar
Thanks anyways, I tried icing sugar and it seemed to work.
Has anyone made Mary Kay's Icing with the Red Velvet Cake recipe in this forum? If so, it states 1 cup sugar - is that icing sugar or granulated white sugar?
purchased cheesecake that is
Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea - I love making my own things rather than buying made ones - looks simple enough. It's really great when people share ideas.
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