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Thanks for replying! So it sounds like both classes would be beneficial for me I did all 3 of the Wilton classes offered, 7 years ago, but a friend just told me that they have changed the format, so I figured it might be good to take one.
Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows exactly what will be covered in the new Wilton classes? I never learned how to do gumpaste flowers, and I'm wondering if either the 'Flowers and Cake Design' or 'Gum Paste and Fondant' course will cover this? Thanks!Melissa
I am planning to make mini carrot cake cupcakes for teacher appreciation at my kids' school. My recipe calls for walnuts, but I am wondering if it would be wise to just omit them? They are just for the staff, but there are so many rules about nuts these days... the kids are not allowed to bring anything with peanut butter to school... what do you think I should do?Also, I am looking for ideas for a cute, quick & easy decoration to put in the center of the icing on the mini...
I will check and see if there are any books. Thanks for your help ladies! I was able to get some of my flowers wired last night when I went home, and while they are probably not done perfectly or the ideal way, they are actually turning out ok, for my first time! Now I just hope the rest of the cake turns out... I'm attempting to make a flower pot cake for my Mom's birthday. I will post a pic when I'm done. Thanks again!! Melissa
yes! thank you so much! i wasn't making a base, just trying to attach the flowers to the wire...
I am searching online and I can't find any help, can anyone help me? I'm in the middle of making my flowers, which are turning out nicely, and I can't seem to figure out how to wire them. I don't have internet at home so I'm just at the library for a bit, trying to find some info but not having any luck. TIA!
Anyone out there from this area who makes cakes for people?? My friend is getting married and looking for someone to make her wedding cake.
I am making the baby shower clothes line cake for sunday, i was planning to make the baby clothes in advance and attach them to the cake saturday or sunday morning whenever i put the cake together... will this work or should i put them on the cake while they are still fresh and pliable? What do I use to attach them to the cake? I'm icing it in buttercream. TIA!
ok, well thanks everyone for the advice... you've been very encouraging! i will check out youtube and try to find some tutorials.
I am attempting to try gumpaste for the first time, to make a baby figure in a basket, and some baby clothes (for a clothesline baby shower cake)... Is this something that can be self-taught or do you all take classes to learn how to use gumpaste? I have used fondant for basic decorating, but never took the wilton class 4 or anything learning how to use fondant or gumpaste. I don't have much faith in myself!
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