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I have been asked to make a Barbie doll cake for a little girls 4th birthday. I bought the Wilton wonder mold and it came with the doll that sticks into the top. My question is, could you use a full size Barbie doll in place of the one that comes with the mold? I've never made the doll cake before and was just wondering if that would work.Thanks,Rhonda
Thank you! As always, I made way too much icing and I hate to throw it out. By the way, took a look at all you cakes, they are BEAUTIFUL!
I found a recipe on line that uses whipping cream in the recipe. Does anyone know if any leftovers can be frozen, or maybe how long it would keep in the fridge?Thanks,Rhonda
Viva paper towels are what I always use. I have always had great results with them!
LOL! I had the same problem when I did a wedding cake with red roses!! (I hope I never have to use red again!!) The entire palms of my hands and fingers were pink for about 2 days. I tried everything I could find to get it off, but I only succeeded in gradually lightening the color. It finally wore off!! It was a little embarassing since I am a pre-school teacher's aide and stress the important of hand washing to my kids. They all kept telling me wash my hands because...
Thank you! Now that I look at the picture, it is hard to tell it is a bow, but in person, it isn't as hard to see. I still think that I need to make the bow stand up a little more. Thank you for your time!Rhonda
I made a fondant figure for the first time. I am wondering if anyone would be so gracious as to give me their honest opinions and suggestions? I have tried to attach a pic to my post, but I am having trouble doing so. I don't know if it is me or my computer with the problem (more than likely it is me, it took me forever to figure out how to even upload pics to my photo album!! LOL) Anyway, if anyone would be so gracious as to look in my photos, their is a picture of it...
By far I prefer Duncan Hines, to me it is much moister than any other.
I used butter flavored crisco for the icing on a cake I made. I thought that the taste was fine and the color of the icing was a light buttery yellow. I didn't color it at all to ice my cake. I've used it one other time since then and didn't have any problems them either. The flavoring I used was just vanilla since the crisco already had a butter flavor to it.
Hi all!I know that this question has been asked a thousand times, but Iam tired and can't find what I am looking for in the search. I am making my first wedding cake and as I feared, the bride wants red roses. I know that red is one of the colors that is hard to achieve. I don't want them to look tacky! Can anyone give me advice on how to achieve red icing that doesn't look awful?!?!?Thanks!Rhonda
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