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I always have used the all Crisco recipe for my BC. I want to try the half butter and half Crisco recipe because I heard that it doesn't crack as much as the all shortening recipe. My question is, does the half and half recipe crust as well as the all shortening recipe?Thanks,Rhonda
It will be a year in August for me.
Thanks Nicole, and "hi" Rhondie. That is what my grandma used to call me all the time. Nice to meet both of you!
I need to do a cake with ivory colored icing. I have run out of ivory coloring and the closest place to get that is about a 2 hour drive. Could I use a very small amout of brown color to get the same effect?
Thank you both so much, that is what I was looking for!!!Rhonda
I have a request for a groom's cake. It is a two tiered stacked cake. My question is about the icing. The picture the bride to be gave me isn't very good and of course she didn't have any instructions, but it looks like a white cake ( I assume iced with something) and over the top is some sort of glaze or something that has been poured to give the look of it just running down the cake, did that make any sense??? The glaze on top looks fairly thick and shiny.Someone told...
I always use Viva paper towels to smooth my BC. That is the only way that I can get my BC smooth, I don't have any luck at all with parchment paper or by using the method of dipping your spatula in hot water and smoothing. The Viva works really well because there is no design on the towels that transfers onto the cake.
I am doing a tiered wedding cake for my step-son's wedding. Since I am using separator plates, is there any reason to use cake boards on top of the plates to place my cakes on?
A couple of days ago, I asked for some advice on a Barbie doll cake that I was making. Just wanted to thank everyone that gave me such helpful information. I finished the cake last night and the lady picked it up this morning. She was very pleased with the cake. I posted a picture of the finished cake in my photos. Again, thanks to all for the advice, I wouldn't have made it without you all!Rhonda
Thanks for the help! I'm glad to here that it is possible to use a regular doll instead of the stick that comes with the mold. Wish me luck!
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