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I have a wedding cake due on the 30th of this month. It is a simple 3 tier stacked round cake. The decorations on it will be the silver dragees that go onto the sides of the cake. Does anyone have any tips on an easier way than using my fingers and placing them on the cake? I baked a small 6" cake to practice on and let me tell you what, it is the most frustrating thing to try to place these danged little pieces of silver @#@$ on a cake with my fingers. I'm sure that...
For those of you that do wedding cakes, do you ask for payment up front or after the cake is delivered? I've done a few wedding cakes so far and up until the last one that I did, I had always received payment when I delivered the cake. On the last one, after the bride ordered the cake she asked how much it would be and wrote me a check for it on the spot. Which way do you all do it?
I would love to be a part of the cake club! What a great idea. I live about 90 minutes southeast of St. Louis so one in that area would be great for me. But, I also love to drive, so if there was one farther away, it would be no problem for me.
A local florist has offered me a chance to place a display cake in the window of her shop. I know that as far as the decorations and such lasting, I should use royal icing for the frosting and the decorations. My concern is whether or not I would be able to smooth the royal icing on the cake as well as I could BC. I have great success with using Viva to smooth my BC, but I haven't worked with royal icing, except in my Wilton class, and I have no idea how well it works when...
Utterly awesome cake!!!!! Congrats!
When I first started, I ALWAYS used meringue powder because that was what we were taught in class and of course I thought that it was the ONLY way to do things. Then I found this site and realized that there are alot of variations in things and that you can experiment and do things "not the Wilton way" and your cakes and icings will be fine (if not better) Now, I never use meringue powder in my BC, just a waste of money in my opinion.
Ya know, I never even thought about that. I had always made my BC using the all shortening recipe until the other night when I used 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening because I heard that your BC doesn't crack as bad. I used the unsalted butter in my recipe and never even thought about using salted butter because I add salt to my icing. I wonder if you could omit the salt if you used salted butter and it would still cut the sweetness enough?
I use Wilton ivory coloring for my skin tones
Thank you so much!!! You have all helped me out immensely!! Can't thank you enough!!
Ok, I'm stuck. I just finished a baby shower cake and can't think of anything cute to write on it. It is a quilt cake for a baby boy. They don't have a name picked out and the people that ordered it don't want it to say" congratulations so and so". I don't really want to write just "welcome baby" or "it's a boy". I can usually come up with something but right now, my brain has shut down. Any ideas?
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