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My "it" cake was this last wedding cake that I just finished. It is not nearly as detailed as you talented ladies are, but for me it was my best. It was a square cake iced in BC. My corners looked nice and my BC smoothed almost perfectly.
I used vanilla once to try to flaver store bought fondant and it didn't help at all.
Your cake may not of went as planned but it is awesome!!
I most certainly does not look like a funeral cake. It is beautiful!
I would agree that $150 is the least that I would charge
I just recently made a square wedding cake and what I did was cut my boards about a quarter of an inch larger than the cake and using a spackling knife, I filled the edges with BC until it met the edges of the board and then smoothed it out. When you hold the spackling knife even with the edge of the board, you can follow it around.
Thaw then ice
I use Crisco baking spray with flour. I used to use the Wilton cake release, but like you, I thought it had a taste to it that I didn't care for.
Sounds like you have got it down! I would go as simple and elegant as possible. You don't want to stress yourself out.
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