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So I haven't lost my mind!! I thought it was just my bad luck that was causing all my problems with the icing. I too have noticed alot of air bubbles. Guess I'm gonna have to shop around for another brand of shortening.
Love the new format. So much faster.
I agree that just because you pay the big bucks, it doesn't always mean you'll get the best!
Wal-Mart cakes are usually too dry for my taste.
I use both, but prefer to work with BC.
OMG! That is one beautiful cake!!
Congratulations of finishing your course. Your cake turned out wonderful.
I love the look of you cake. Very pretty.
I have only used Wilton colors and haven't had any problems, well, except for the red, but I think that it is difficult no matter what you use.
Lots of people love RV cake. To me, it doesn't have a lot of taste to it. Maybe I just haven't had the right one yet
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