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Welcome!!I took Wilton Classes about 2 years ago and they were very helpful with the basics, but I've really learned ALOT from this website!! You're gonna love it here!Welcome again!Rhonda
Nothing needs to be done to it. It looks absolutely awesome!!
It sounds like it is the BC consistency that is giving you the problems. If the petals fall immediately, it's too thin. If the edges are jagged, it's too thick. What recipe do you use for your BC?
This cake is absolutely wonderfully cute!!! What an amazing job!!
The cake release is great, but now I use the Crisco spray with flour just because it is easier to spray than to rub! (Lazy, I know!)
That cake is absolutely gorgeous. You did an excellent job. I just love it!
I tried using canned icing once (thank goodness it was a practice cake) and it didn't hold up at all.
The wedding cake that I just made had hydrangeas and roses. The roses were real and the hydrangeas were silk. They looked fine together.
Excellant job! You did fantastic work. Congratulations!
I used plexi glass for cake plates before. Works out just fine.
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