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You are too funny! Sounds like you have my kind of luck. I have NEVER made a cake that I have not had a problem with. I just start to expect in now and laugh through the bad times.
Don't feel like you are alone...there have been a number of times that I have wanted to say the heck with it all! I really think that is normal for anyone, especially when you have an off day. I have done the same thing by taking on too much but thinking that I can handle it. It seems like though, it all works out in the end. HANG IN gets better!!Rhonda
Hey Tamra!I've got some time to spare, I'll help you searchRhonda
Maybe you could try "Sensational Sweets" (you could always add "by (your name)" if the name was already taken )or maybe something like "Sensationally Sweet Confections". just a thoughtRhonda
Wow, your cake is awesome!! Great job!
When I first started, I always crumbed coated and then I got lazy and tried not crumb coating and in the end I went back to doing the crumb coat. It is worth the little extra time and effort.
This is just too cute for words!! I just love it!
I don't see anything that I would change. I think that it looks perfect!!
OMG, I am so impressed!! Those are absolutely the best! (I"m now bowing in admiration of you!!) Great job!
Wow, this is really wierd!! I googled my name too and it came up with every comment I have made on cakes plus all my personal info. It never crossed my mind that all of that would show up somewhere!!
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