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I have always used Wiltons Gumpaste, but thought I would try Satin Ice Gunpaste...(didn't pay me this time to think lol), I know now I will stick with the Wilton's or make mine own.If I end up having trouble with the way I had to mix everything together (but so far it is turning out o.k.) I am going to make Nicolas Lodges recipe and give it a try. Thanks again for your help, advice and tips God Bless,Sharon
Yes TexasSugar, it does kind of feel a little sticky, or it will like stick to the ball tool. Peeb, (QUOTE) I usually cut it out, and immediately put the pieces under the plastic of my old wilton practice board, then pull out as needed. I also roll out super, super thin. (UNQUOTE)..... I am doing this, and have it in a plastic freezer bag and keep there till I go to use it.I ended up mixing some faondant with it and also added some shortening to it.....I did some test...
I'm rolling it very thin, it's for roses. Everything I have seen or read saids to roll it thin, to where it's kinda transparent. Thank You for your reply.God Bless,SharonEDITED: words were left out.
Heres the trouble I am having, I have or had Satin Ice Gumpaste, it is to soft. I had Wiltons Gumpaste it is drying to dried (causing the flowers to dry & crack on the edges of the petel), so I mix the two together...still to soft.Can you had Tylose to the gumpaste to make it dry more then what it is doing now.When I roll it out, I am having trouble with it being to soft and falling/ripping apart and if it hold up to the 5 petel rose cutter, when I go to ruffel the edge...
Thanks for your replys, there was no need for me to try it, I got the effect I need another way... but I think one day when I have the time I am going to try it and see if it will work.God Bless,Sharon
Could any one please tell me if I could mix gel-coloring with Vodka and spray it on buttercream? I thought maybe the Vodka might work where it evaporates.If this idea is dumb or won't work...would anyone know of a way I could use the gel-coloring mixed with something else for spraying. No where around me right now is open that sells the Wilton's spray colors.I would be thankful & greatful for any help!God Bless,SharonRight now I am thinking I have lost my mind with the...
I love & use Sugarshacks (Sharon Zambito) BC recipe, have since 2007. I love the texture, smoothness, that it's dairy free. I just use some on a cake I made for the family and it had been satting out in a air tight container for over a week...still taste as it did the day I made it. Also I have had no trouble so far with it in the heat here.God Bless,Sharon
I agree with Tiggy2 Your cakes are amazing!God Bless,Sharon
Pillsbury all the way for me, I use to use DH till they did something to it, (that in my opinion) kind of gave it texture almost like corn bread. Everyone here just hated it, so I went to PB and have stayed with it.God Bless,SharonOh, I will use BC french vanilla, I like it the best.
I use a tip I learn from Sharon (aka-Sugarshack). I roll my fondant/gumpaste very thin, cut into squares (size as needed)...let them set for about 15 to 20 mins. (might have to dry a little longer). Dust some PS or Cornstarch on to the tippits then cut out my letters. This way has worked the best for me so far. Hope this can help.God Bless,Sharon
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