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sams club!!! after all..''they are in business for small business!''there prices are less then wholesellers.
i looked into bulk cake mixes and it works out to be the same as the box in the long run. i look at it as the boxes will stay fresher being not opened until ready to use as the bulk will set open. and depending on the flavor how quickly will it be used?
the blade tends to have more give the more its used, and of course the ends are ..plastic...which doesnt hold anything tight.dont you push you cakes down level after baking? then you dont need to level them?
i would file a small claim. it may take awhile but she will have to pay.the cake is beautiful. i would also get a bill out right away on the cupcakes and file on that too as im sure she wont pay.
After 7 years of business i finally had a cake-tastrophie!!!carring 2 boxes, which ive done many, many times. a deco pac wedding cake delivery system box and small 1/2 sheet cake on top, i could not see the floor. so i tripped over a extension cord that was not taped down!! landed on my knees and elbow. needless to say, rug burned knee, elbow and left knee instantly blew up to the size of a baseball!! oh yeah, the cakes? you guessed. upside down. so i had to hurry home and...
were you able to help her out still? just curious.i worry about this. it could happen to anyof us.
the icing tip works great. saves alot of headaches and time. some people call it speed icer.ateco #789 i believe its the same number in wilton tips.
i heard for the hymo rep. hymo is the brand of high ratio im using.he sent me this recipie, its from sweetex, its what they recommend. im going to try it today.6 lbs. 9 oz. 6X powdered sugar( 3 1/2 -2lb. c&h bags )7oz. non-fat dry milk1/3 salt.1lb.15oz high ratio(3 cups)1lb 1 1/2oz. water (2 cups +)flavoringsmix for 9 from what i can tell its like most of the girls have written here. you need 1/2 the amount of high ratio to crisco.
yes,they should deff. sell the icing sheets to sams couldnt get the ticket to print in there machine so they just used another lable close in price. it wasnt in there system, but it is on there supply sheets with a product code and price. if they dont sell them to you, i would email the company or call...after all..sams motto...''we are in business for small business's''i pay 28.00 and some change.
the ribbon that is for funeral arrangements works the best, its made for outdoors, looks like satin and doesnt soak up the grease.
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