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Wonderfull cake! I'm also working on a nurse cake *laughs* I hope mine looks just as good
I think its very nice of her to deliver the ingredients you would need. But if you think its too much you should just say so.
Look here
I've used them a few times to practice on or add a layer, and no one knew the difference. My older sister actually tried to eat the dummy (she started liking off the icing then noticed it wasnt cake).I had wraped mine in saran wrap so that I could reuse it. It looked better then my real cakes
Thats a helpfull link thank you! I was wondering about this myself
I wouldn't chance it, in case it would be a little dry. Why not donate your practice cake to a foodbank or shelter? They'd apreciate it I'm sure.
I want to try that fugde too! I meant to find the recipe then got distracted. Thanks for the link.
Yes thank you to the creators, and the moderators too! I have had so many helpfull tips here, been inspired by pictures and met very nice people! My cakes wouldnt even taste half as good if it weren't for the recipes here.
How about making her carriage? I do like the glass sliper idea though!
They were just trying to help and voicing their opinions. I don't think there is anything wrong with posting what you think or is on your mind as long as it is put in an appropriate manner and not bashing someone.Honestly my first thought was the same thing, worried about germs or cat hair.
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