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HiContact the below and ask them if they have any distributers in your area. That's how I found it in BC.
I think there's a support group for us somewhere... LOLThis weeks donations... 250 hand decorated cookies wrapped and tied. cookies and cupcakes for my granddaughters school.
HiI would suggest you make, bake and decorate and then freeze if you can. I'm doing that right now, with tons of Xmas cookies.Yes, you do have to wait until the icing drys.I'm sure other CCers will help you as well.
I don't speak spanish but here goes.. Este es un hermoso pastel
I have the stainless steel tables as well.. Have to agree with Sharon, It's so easy to clean..
It's like a great recipe... you may try another one, but you always go back to the tried and true... and that would be CC..
I had this saved in my favorites.. sorry I don't know who did it and I can't find it in the gallery.Hope this helps.
Debi - Thank you so much.. Will have to make this for brunch on Sunday... I'm a "when it looks right kinda right cook too" so that's okay.
ah geez, you all have made me really hungry.. for something made with lard - bacon grease... I want something, but to darn lazy to get up and make anything.. (tough day delivering that 3 x 4 foot cake)OT - can someone tell me how to make that sausage gravy... I love it. I was down south last year for 3 months, and just loved it. nobody sells it here in Canada.. or at least where I live.. would love it if someone gave me a recipe..Lard for pie crust.. yummmBacon grease for...
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