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Hello there,I have a question????My Mom signed me up for the Wilton Beginner class. I just wanted to get some input on this class. I don't want to waist my time. I've been at this cake thing for about a year now. So I don't know how basic this class is. Any input would be greatly appreciated.Jennie
Thank you so much for your response! I knew it wouldn't work, but thought maybe, by some chance there was a trick! oh well, I appreciate your help.Jennie
I need help! I have a carrot cake with cream cheese sculpted cake I'm doing for this Saturday. My problem is I have to have it done by Friday morning. Fondant Peter Pan & Hook, cream cheese frosting and accents with fondant. How can I refrigerate it so the frosting stays good, without ruining the accents and figures?????
Hello, I'm a newbie and really need a good recipe for chocolate cake. Something sturdy that can be sculpted and handle fondant! Even an adjusted boxed cake mix????? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Can anyone tell me if you can modify boxed cake mix to get a good dense cake for carving and covering with fondant. I love to decorate, but not the baking part. But boxed mixes are too moist and fall apart.
Can you use grahm crackers for sand?
I'm wondering if anybody can tell me.... If I use piping gel on the edges of my flowers to look like they are wet, will it dry hard? IThe cake will be covered in fondant, but will be outside later in the day. I don't want the dots to melt?! Thanks
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