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I too find some colours fade a bit and generally have found americolour to be great. Having said this I did a cake last new years eve and it was fondant for the top cake then cupcakes with buttercream icing on the lower tiers. They were a lovely pink and coffee colour combination when I finished but faded overnight to a sad peach colour. They were boxed out of light. I haven't had this happen to such a degree before and just thought it must be a bad batch? I gave my bride...
I found some!!! So thank you all for all your help. I found a local Wilton supplier. They are not what i'd call cheap which is why no one stocks them but hey what the bride wants...Thanks again
Thanks everyone but in N.Z we don't have walmart, reynolds,hobby lobby, michaels or jo-anns and wilton online don't ship outside the United States so will try and find a local wilton supplier. You would think a simple little thing would be easy to find and I have seen them in N.Z but everyone seems to be out of stock locally. Does anyone know any good Australian suppliers? -Nati?
Thanks kiddiekakes I had a look at sugarcraft and they did have them but it said it was going to cost me $34 dollars to ship $10 worth of cupcake liners - just nuts! plus my exchange rate they would have to be made of gold. I also tried the country kitchen place but they didn't have them. It's a cool site so I decided to order some other things but they don't give shipping costs up front. ahhh I'll keep looking
Does anyone know where I can get silver cupcake liners? It needs to be through the web so I can order online. Also I want nice high ones if possible. Does anyone know if they actually come in different heights?Thanks for your help
Tell me about it ! My poor DH - is that dear hubby? wonders where I keep sneeking off to. Oh LOVE you pumkins never seen anything like them.
Thanks for all the ideas. I found an old recipe for cupcakes and have made 120 of them. They turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.My partner also made me some nice little tins to bake them in which made them taller rather than spreading out wider in the tins I already had so this helped heaps. The wedding is tomorrow so will take a photo and try and post it. It will be my first posting.
Thanks Nati I'll check out some of those sites and see what I come up with.Had a quick look at your photos and they're great. Will post some of mine one of these days. I have a two year old and 6month old and make wedding cakes so don't have much time on the computor. I went to some amazing cake shops when I visited Melbourne a few years ago. Anyway I'm rambling so Thanks again.
Yes I've been trying muffin recipes too and they do come out nice and domed but I'm finding that they're not as sweet and I prefer the texture of a cake mix. Oh they need to be a lemon, citrus flavour. Thanks for your help, it's so quick.
Can anyone please help! This is my first time using this site so here we go.I'm wanting to make cupcakes with a domed top on them as the bride wants them just dusted with powdered sugar and no icing. I've tried a few recipes but they all come out pretty flat no matter how much mix i use and how hot I have the oven. I need a recipe from scratch as I'm in N.Z and we don't get the packet mixes you have.Any help would be much appreciated.
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