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Looking for those of you operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law, what type of liability insurance do you carry? do you have home owner-small business policy or do you have separate policies? How much do you pay for liability? also, are you an LLC? Are there any fees associated with LLC yearly other than the $300 filing fee?
cjmeadow In DFW, there is Merchant's Bakery. You have to have a sales tax ID, to order. I have been purchasing from them for the last three years. They have great prices. They are in Farmers Branch. I buy all my boxes, boards, fondant, tools, pans and food coloring from them. The Ps99 is 50# for $79. It lasted me 2 years, (but I am only now starting to get regular orders) 
I am not comfortable serving it. It is like all the glasslike accumulated chunks fell off the machine when processing. It really was just a waste! Do y'all sift your powdered sugar)
I just made my usual batch of buttercream which starts with 8+ pounds of raw materials and apparently one of the bags of powdered sugar contained chunks of crystallized sugar! The whole batch is ruined. I have been doing this for years and never have had that happen before. I don't ever sift, but this is making me double think that! I am so pissed off! What a waste of time and $$ down the drain.
My daughter wants the Debbie Brown Enchanted Castle cake for her birthday. I have been all over town trying to find the book, but no one has it in stock. I am ordering it online (because I want it) but it will not be here in time for her birthday party. Does anyone have the instructions that they could send me?I would really appreciate the help.ThanksStephanie
Since I am the one doing it, I know that my facilities are sanitized everytime I use them because I do it myself. I don't have cats BARFING in my kitchen (at bit dramatic don't you think?). Go figure that someone who bakes from their home knows to wash their hands, not lick the spoon, put my hair up and even wear gloves!I wonder what percentage of the bakers here actually just one day opened up a shop without first baking at home? Probably very few if any did. I know that...
Seems the main issue is that **SOME** Commercial kitchen owners **ASSUME** that ALL home bakers, including legal ones under CFL are all a bunch of rednecks who have no clue as to how to produce food safely. This is where this issue ALWAYS gets nasty. Please use caution when mass generalizing on the topic as this is not true. I have worked in commercial kitchens that are inspected yet run filthy food productions. As I stated, I am a legal business under the CFL in Texas. I...
I am in Texas and am operating under our CFL. The spirit of the law is a buyer-be-ware and the health department does not inspect, however there IS record kept of any complaints. The law IS limiting:*I cannot produce anything that needs refrigeration (which is VERY limiting on icing type, fillings, cheesecakes, ect)*I HAVE to place a sticker on EVERYTHING I make that says Made in an uninspected home kitchen.*All transactions need to occur in my home. I cannot take online...
I do not bake scratch, but I would think that you need a sturdier base board to keep cakes from bending and cracking. I always use masonite for any large cakes. I also bake smaller 9x13 cakes and put together for full sheets (I have never had trouble with the cracking since they are already split down the middle, giving them flex.)Stephanie
I used that technique for my fish bowl on the Elmo cake. I am actually in the process of the 3D egg myself, so I will be trying along with you, but that is what I am going to do!Stephanie
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