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I have Make The Cut as well and it is so easy to use! There are lots of tutorials on youtube that were VERY helpful and I was doing exactly what I wanted to do with the program almost right away. My Cricut came with a cartridge and I am so glad that is the only one I will need!! You don't need MTC but it will save money in the long run.
I use Americolor. Start by making the icing yellow, then orange, then add red. When I use this method it does not take that much red to get a great color!
I tried this once and it made a beautiful red! I don't think I needed any other color but it has been awhile.... the fondant tasted great too!!
I have made this cake once: was pretty good and baked well. If I made it again I think I would cut back some on the Splenda. There was a little too much of that aftertaste to the cake for me. I just used the cake part of the recipe. For the icing i used one made with cream cheese and sugar free pudding. It was wonderful! Not fat free but it was sugar free
You can make a "regular" buttercream recipe (such as the Wilton recipe) and instead of using the shortening just use all butter. It makes a great tasting icing and it crusts really well! I have it made it this way several times because my sister cannot have the shortening....
I am not sure if that would work with yellow - it may still be too light or not enough of a contrast. I would make a tiny bit of test icing and see what it looks like...
I think the yellow would be cute for the cake but I think I would leave the border white and change the color of the writing. Maybe pink and blue or a green? I just worry that white writing wouldn't show up enough against the yellow background...just a thought though! Good luck!
Thank you both so much! I think I will stick to the 11x15 and make some cupcakes to go with it just incase. That way if there are people who don't like the filling they can just have a cupcake instead!
Sorry to ask this but for some reason the search is not working for the forums! I need a sheet cake for 40 people. It will have filling. Would a 11x15 pan be enough servings? I want there to be enough cake but not too much! Thanks in advance for the help!!
I have not ever covered a cake in candy clay - sounds yummy! I have made a lot of red icing before. A trick I learned on CC is to first make the icing yellow, then add orange, then add the red. When you go up the color wheel it does not take so much red to get a true red. Also make it a day or so ahead of time because it does get darker. Good luck with your cake!
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