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There is a photo in my album of a dump truck I did for my grandson's first birthday. I got the idea from a Wilton's book...if you want the specific instructions I can get them for you.
Is anyone going to attend the class with Nicholas Lodge and Collette Peters in Jacksonville Arkansas this weekend?
One of my regular customers just ordered "something" for her 3rd grader's class for Mardis Gras. She doesn't care what....I'm stumped! Any ideas??
I use Viva paper towels every time! You apply your BC icing and let it sit long enough to crust - mine just takes a few minutes. Then I lay a paper towel over each section and either use my hand or the fondant smoother and just kind of iron it out. If the icing has crusted the towel won't stick to it and you can lift the towel, see where you still need to rub more. Keep doing that until you have a perfectly smooth cake.
Did y'all happen to see the Sugar Rush episode where the lady was making butterflies by outlining in white chocolate on what I think was parchment, letting that dry, then filling it in with color gel or something like that? She let that dry, peeled the paper off of it and inserted the wings into a body of royal icing. I'm seriously wanting to try that for a wedding cake I have to do in May but wondered if anyone else had tried it?
Makes perfect sense...and those are excellent ideas!!! Thanks!
I thought about that...but the Mom is sending these to school with the child so they need to be able to travel.
I need to make individual fruit bouquets for a child's birthday. I'm considering using ice cream cones, filled with sponge cake to poke the sticks into..but i need something to weight the cone down so the fruit doesn't topple the whole thing over. Any ideas??
How about a bed on top of a sheet cake....make a man's head nestled in several pillows and a quilt on top??
I know...I'm still struggling with prices! lol I honestly will be shocked if she can afford half of that so I'm not expecting to hear back from her - at least for that cake. If she does you'll know by the sound of the loud scream followed by a thud coming from my neck of the woods!
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