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I would change the design but my sister really requested it to look this way. I'll have to call her to see, because I do have enough white and green fondant to make tissueOn second look, I can't do it b/c I don't have enough room on the board for the lid to lean against the cake.
I made a gift box cake for my sister's friend's baby shower that has a lid to it separate from the cake but it sits squarely on the cake. The problem is now that I'm done with it, I think the lid is a little big for the cake. It is about a 1/2" wide for the cake. The lid is foamboard covered in black fondant.Would you try to fix it or leave it be? I have a gumpast bow on the lid so I can't entire trash it because I don't have time to make a new bow. I was thinking I...
I finally got the search to work for me and found the following ideas:1) Use gumpaste/fondant cut about 2 inches larger than the cake size, thickly rolled, and lay over cake and smooth down to make it look like the lid snipping the corners for crisp vertical corner edges2) Use foamboard or styrofoam and completely cover in fondant/gumpaste sized slightly larger than the cake to sit on topI think I'm going to do the latter because I can get that done tonight and leave it be...
I am doing a gift box cake with the lid firmly squared up on the cake like a closed box but I am drawing a complete blank as to how to make the lid from one of the 3 layers of cake without carving the other 2 layers smaller so the top layer sticks out around the cake.On my way to work today I thought I could go get some hershey bars and use icing to glue them around the top edge of the cake then cover with fondant to make a lip like the lid. I don't have any modeling...
I don't have a printer to make my own edible images. I have a cake request of a 6 pack of Bud Lime for a 30th bday party on June 13th. Anyone have any ideas of where I can get the can label as an edible image? Anyone willing to print them for me? I'll pay for it and shipping!! Thanks,Dia
I have to match a modern baby bedding pattern for a cake next month and saw someone use a stencil of a pattern just like it on a cake in the gallery here. How or where do I get one made? How expensive are they generally? Can I buy the stencil material myself and make one ?Thanks,Dia
I found the lightening mcqueen car easy to do. I stacked a couple sheets of cake and just whacked at it to get the basic shape. I used donuts for the tires and extra cake pieces to add the extra humps and bumps I forgot. My nephew didn't want us to cut into it.
Might want to try seeing if you can rent any of the videos with netflix or something. I know the Wilton gumpaste flower kit has instructions for making orchids but nothing else tropical. It comes with the cutters for it and various other flowers too.
Ooh oooh! I did this!! Well, I used the regular 3-D bear pan and chopped the ears off to put them more on the sides so they were where monkey ears are. free to PM me if you want more info b/c I'm bad at checking back on posts.
I recently got a request for a 21 themed cake with perhaps a bit of a beach theme. I came up with doing a coconut drink where the coconut is the cup with whipped cream on top, straw, flower, and some fruit garnish.
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