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and another photo..... someone ..... anyone???? I think they are just a shop and dont sell the molds, he said they were a chocolate mold...... golly I wish I could get my hands on this!!!!!!!! I found another photo that is closer up.....
I found these online and would love to know where i can purchase the chocolate mold. I do know they are all chocolate molds but not sure where to buy them. ANYONE???ginger
Has anyone heard anything this week? I am still waiting......I honestly didnt think I would care one way or the other but I find myself checking my email nonstop and waiting around for the phone to ring and when it does ring my heart skips a beat!!!!! So I guess I want this more than I thought!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!
I also did a video and was told yesterday that July 11th they will pick their semi-finalists to meet the producers I believe you go to New York and then they choose from there the finalists. My lady (Jessica) said that if we have not been contacted that week then we did not make the simi-finalist cut and they will not contact us.Good luck to everyone that made the videos!!!
Hi everyone, Yes, I teach advanced cake classes in Virginia Beach. I am teaching wilton classes in addition to the 3D fun cakes! Please check out my web site and email me if you would like my calendar of classes coming up. I have a shoe box and high heel shoe that I am teaching along with a 3D subway sub, we will be airbrushing our buns!! I am also teaching these advanced classes at Party Cakes -n- Things located in Kempsville, the wine...
I use 11 1/2 plus the 4 tblsp. for flavoring, so that would be 15 1/2. but would you still use the 15 with the 4.5 mixer?
caleyb - THANK YOU!! 15 tablespoons of creamer....? I only use 11 1/2 with the 5 qt. am I reading that right?
how can I find the post under the 4.5 mixer? I'm a ding a ling at finding stuff. Thanks!!!!Thanks Sharon for the info. I figured reduce 1 tblsp creamer and 1 tblsp flavor??
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