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I also live in Dutchess County and have done a lot of research on this subject. I've spoken to the DOA and was told that you can have your home inspected for a home processor license. In order to have that license you can not have any commercial equipment in the home. You can not sell on the Internet, you can not sell wedding cakes and you can only sell to wholesalers such as a farmers market. If you want a commercial kitchen in your home you can have that too but you... this helps.
Slob, thats the first word that comes to my mind. I am friends with many artists and I know that it is all up to an individuals interpertation but give me a break... she is NOT a cake designer... she is a comtemporary artist... BIG difference. Plus she comes across snotty... Rhymes with Witch... that is very rude and not professional.
Next time, tell them your hiring and would love to see their portfolio. I hate it when people think that what we do is so easy.
I just completed a 10" double layer choc cake with three dolphins made out of RKT.Can you please tell me what you would normally charge for this cake. I also did a similar size cake but with a fireman theme.I just not sure that I am charging enough. I charged 45 for each cake.Pic is in my pics.
I Love Satin Ice. I use to make my own mmf but found that coloring it made it break and it was just inconsistent. Now I use Satin Ice and have not had any problems at all.
Hello,I am looking for a buttercream receipe that is not to sweet but that easily crusts and can be left out of the fridge... any suggestions?Thank you!
Thank you for the info!
Hello, this may sound silly but I need to buy molds for seashells. I saw the first impression molds and they look great. The question is, are they three dimensional and if they are, how do they work are they open in the back? Do the molds really come out with as much details as the molds... any feedback on these molds would be great
I made two bathches of nfsc dough... then realized, I forgot to add the baking soda... Will they bake correctly or are the trash?Thanks!
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