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Oh seriously, THIS question of scratch or box mixes really rubs me up the wrong way. Every single cake forum/group will have one person who throws a spaner in the works with this question every now and then. Who cares who uses what. Do what you do and get on with it. Instead of pondering about what others are doing, use that time and energy to learn something new.
Okay, a couple of things here. 1. There is no way you were going to get a clean finish by icing the cake all stacked already. That is already asking for a disaster. 2. while your were filling the one cake, where were the other cakes sitiing. 3. what did the bride think of the cake?
Hi Linda   Try this   HTH
Hi,  your cake is gorgeous.  Having support from your family makes all the difference in the world.  Also, you can decide how many cakes you want to do in a week and just go from there.  Try to also do figures and flowers and letters before hand and spread the workload over a couple of days and in that way, you will not feel as pressured.  Yes, you will have some stressfull days but there are lessons to be learnt from those.  good luck and all the best in your venture.
I use 500g of fonant for a 15cm, 1Kg of fondant to cover a 23cm round, 1.5Kg for a 30cm round
Hi,  I have used buttercream on fondant before with no issues but if you can, then I would suggest to rather go with royal icing.
I have frozen sponge cake before and I take it out about 3 hours before I am ready to fill and crumb coat. If anything, I get rave reviews about the moistness of the cake. Now, I freeze my cakes even if it is just overnight.All the best
How much salt does the recipe ask for?I never add any salt in any of my recipes and it always turns out fine.
Hi,I did a cake similar to the one you posted about. I added a thick layer of icing around the sides, smooth that out really well, then I used the back of a teaspoon which I dipped in hot water and just wiped clean to do the indentations as such. NB : I did all of the cakes like this and then stacked when it was all firmed up.
Hi,Anyone have any good shops to recommend for cake supplies in Singapore???Please let me know.TIASscakes
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