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hi... can you not buy the pre-coloured red fondant and add some black to it to make it darker? it'd be hit and miss to get the exact colour you like... i'd do it with tiny bits at a time... have some red colouring on hand aswell to help adjust it.hope it works for you... whatever you decide... i hate working with red fondant... any dark coloured fondant actually! lol
Found some! yay! after spending hours on the net finally google saved me! found a supplier in NSW that has a few of these stencils! yayay.Thanks again for your help-- Fi
thanks guys... the link to those suppliers had exactly what I need... unfortunately they are both in the US and take up to 2 weeks to get them out to me... at $40 US (plus the cost of buying the stencils)... now I just need to find someone in Oz that has these magic little things!
Hi,does anyone know how the piping on the side of this cake is done? is it a stencil / freehand / imprint (and piped over) ???it was done by Carries Cakes - don't know if she's on CC or not... a friend has asked me to do something similar to the sides of this cake.TIA
Hi allHave to make a sports shirt cake for a friends 40th, and since he has a well aged beer belly thought it would be a funny touch to make it more "him".anyways... any idea on how to 'pump' up the belly part? It's a slab cake... thought of just making some cake ball mix and using that... just don't know how it would taste though...any other ideas greatly welcomed!-- Fi
congrats!!! can't wait to see the pic! i've never had the guts to enter a competition... good on you for entering AND winning!!!
Hi DanaWhat I would do is make strips of fondant and press them with dried corn husks - let them dry out then iron them flat... use your roller over them on the fondant and it will give you the grass effect... then i would lay the strips on line actual weaving... might be tricky but the effect would be amazing!good luck!
thanks guys!! ur all soooo nice! I reckon they need to put a loop or something in the script that leaves newest photos up for a minimum of 10 minutes or something... photos disappear too quickly off the front page... don't u think?? or maybe make more preview panes so that there is double the amount showing - maybe smaller thumbnails??thank you all for taking the time to check her out...--Fi
Don't ya hate it when you spend HOURS on a cake... load it onto CC and then hardly anyone looks at it!!! d'oh! I was so pleased how it turned out... now I'm not so sure!... maybe it just got flicked off the front page too quickly??If anyone has any spare time... do you mind looking/critiquing???it's the dorothy dinosaur one.Thanks heaps...--Fi
OMG! i made this huge post last night... and then it dropped off into the ether!... then I thought that maybe everyone was using the other forum and went to go there... i hadn't bookmarked it!! aarrgghh!!! so I've just spent the last 30mins searching this thread to find the link... only to discover no one's hardly there either -- must all be super busy with cakes!! I know I have been... hanging out for the next 3 weeks to fly by so I can stop stressing!! I made a 3D...
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