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I have about 6 cups of cream cheese frosting that is MUCH too sweet. I added alot of confectioners sugar to get it stiff enough for decorating. Any way I can fix this? I used butter and cream cheese with some butter flavor shortening.
I am THRILLED to be anyone's inspiration! As you can tell, Charman was my inspiration. So cute! Congrats - yours is adorable.Newbie
Here's one: here's one from the Betty Crocker website - this one is my absolute FAVORITE! -Newbie
There is a DELICIOUS recipe on the carrot cake box. I made it for my mom's birthday and everyone really raved about it.I think it was Duncan Hines, but I'm not sure. I know I found the recipe on their website - I'll see if I can find it....
Thanks! I really don't like the frayed edges and I have not been able to figure out how to get rid of them ............. been driving me so crazy I stopped making roses! I will try this soon.I love this site too - something new every day.Newbie
Thanks for mentioning this! Great website - I just ordered 2 sets of the sheets you mentioned, along with the oven liners. So much cheaper than what I've seen in the stores! If the quality stands up then these are a really great deal.Happy baking...
Sounds awesome!Newbie
I must tell you I tried lots of methods - none of them were satisfactory, no matter how meticulous I was. And it was MUCH too much work when the impression mat is so easy and inexpensive.Good luck -Newbie
Stunning! Are they all yours?Newbie
Follow this link for more information - or search the topics for "silver dragee's" got mine by mail, from Golda's Kitchen in Canada. luck!Newbie
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