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I saw a website selling EI's that said the following.  Apparently there are no images on their Edible Images, it is only in your imagination!  That copyrighted image you see is not really there...   "PLEASE NOTE - We are selling the fondant/wafer sheets and the time it takes us to process an order. We are only changing the pictures as a favor to our customers.  We DO NOT SELL the characters or images, nor do we claim any of the ownership or licensing over them. We also...
Also, check out this youtube video for making white chocolate curls.  I haven't tried it yet, but it looks pretty easy. If the link doesn't work just look up White Chocolate Curls on youtube.
Looks like they airbrushed the cake with super pearl luster dust...after icing.  Don't think it has anything to do with the icing recipe.
Why not frost with black and then pipe curvy lines in white with #3 tip or varying size tips and then drag toothpick through to marble it a bit with the black?  Or pipe ribbons with flat tip and drag a wide paint brush through.  Maybe something like that would achieve a similar effect.
I went ahead and put them on and they were fine. Everyone raved over the cake! It was a real boost to my ego! LOL!
Bringing cake to work tomorrow. Fresh strawberries in the filling so I need to put it in the fridge tonight. Question is about fondant flowers I am putting on the side. Would they fall off in the fridge or should I just put them on in the morning? Flowers are fondant w/tylose. Cake will be boxed and wrapped while in the fridge. Thanks!
I have a 5 lb bucket of Satin Ice chocolate fondant. I was going to use it for some small embellishments on a cake for Saturday. The sell by date is Aug 2011 and it says can be stored up to 1 year. It has been opened previously, at least 3 or 4 months ago. It is still wrapped really well and it tastes fine. Would you use it? Thanks
Sorry, I just have to vent. Tried making Toba Garrett’s Chocolate Fudge Cake last night and after removing it from the pan, I can already tell that it is going to crack to pieces and be destined for cake balls. I have made the Hershey’s Chocolate cake recipe before and I think it came out OK. Will try that tonight before I decide to revert back to my doctored Duncan Hines. I really want to make scratch cakes, but it is always hit or miss.
Great, thanks! I will use bleach water. And yes, I let everything air dry.
I want to roll out fondant directly on my counter. I have regular laminate countertop. If I clean it well with bleach water solution would that be sanitary enough? I have used a large piece of vinyl in the past, but the rolling action tends to make it move, which is a PITA. I sanitize all my equipment and tools with bleach water, rinse and dry. It should be the same with the countertop. I’m just paranoid, so thought I’d ask. Thanks!
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