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I'm having trouble understanding how to carve a spiral, like in the road of life cakes...I read the article here but I had a hard time understanding it. Do you carve a piece out of the top cake and attach it to the bottom cake? Any help would be great!
Here's a pic. See how the juice is striagt and the cake is leaning? I stuck some sharpened dowels down in it a minute ago but that's not helping.
I've got a 4 layer "building block" cake in the fridge that is totally leaning to one side. I used 4 dowels. I've tried to add frosting to the fix the problem. It is just not a true block, it's obviosly leaning. Is there anything I can do now? The cake is due Fri evening, but I can't redo cause I've got two other cake due. Please help!
I got an order for 200 along with a sheet cake.
So is there some kind of pattern for swiss dots? I've noticed in the forums that people refers to some swiss dots as freehand, so I'm just wondering if there is another way. I'm doing my first wedding cake with swiss dots in a few weeks. Thanks.
I'm making a mermaid cake for my daughter next weekend with the mermaid sitting on the rock, you've seen it before, I'm sure. Anyway I don't have the wondermold pan, but I have a oven safe pyrex thing that is the right shape I need. Any thoughts on how to bake a cake that will turn out. Special cake recipe? Can I use something for a heating core?
OMGosh! The last ( and only) time i used the butter rum oil, I didn't realize how strong it was and I ruined a whole recipe of ganche!
I'm a sahm too. I've got 3 girls, 8,3, and 1 and I watch my nephew full time. And I do it ALL. Sometimes I hate that I do it all, but I'm such a perfectionist that I've found that I almost make myself do it all. My dh will pitch in after being asked a few times and he is a great dad. Any other perfectionists out there?
I have a order to do a "heroes with horses" cake, meaning zorro, lone ranger, and whoever esle with their cool horses. I need help on this one guys! Your thought please.Thanks.
I guess not....
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