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If you start selling your recipe, I would love to be on your mailing list!
Thank you SO much!!  The recipe I tried had 1/2 cup of corn syrup, so no wonder it was sticky!  I'll try this one, watching out for the water quantity.
I just started following this thread and don't have time to read back through all 13 pages.  Could someone possibly post a link to the recipe or tell me what page it is on?  I tried a recipe that I got from a friend and it is stays sticky on the bottom (side that is touching the mold).  I haven't been able to get a piece out without it sticking to itself.  Thanks!
Thanks, everyone.
I know this is an old thread, but I was searching for raspberry filling recipes and has expired. Does anyone know if there is a new link to get to those recipes?thanks!
I haven't read all of this thread yet ... I'm on page 8 ... I ordered the purple machine from Taylor gifts and there was no syringe included. I haven't seen anything positive about the syringe yet and am just wondering if it would be worth returning. I have looked at our lcoal Kohl's, but they are never in stock ...
Elite is softer than regular Fondx. When I got mine (at the Austin cake show), they recommended not cover anything larger than a 12" cake with Elite. I am pretty close to a fondant virgin , but have done really well with The Mat.
Wow, TexasSugar, thanks!
I'm sure there are threads on this, but my quick search didn't find them so I am going to ask the question.I am doing farm animal cake balls for a one year old and would appreciate any suggestions I can get. Mom sent me a picture of cute pigs and chickens, not so cute cows and sheep. The party is on September 3, so I have some time to practice but I always do better with direction! To any of you who have done these and don't mind giving me some advice ... thank you...
Thanks, Coral3.
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