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I had my 3rd baby in July. I took orders up until about a week before my planned c-section. After I had the baby, I took only about a month off and got right back into it (it was also my second c-section). I think it is just all in how you feel. I didn't take any wedding cakes all summer though, but I stayed busy with everything else. Good luck!
I can definately relate. I just had a cake disaster this past weekend with a wedding cake that I spent 2 weeks on (pic in photos). I love what I do but wedding cakes stress me out so much. My worst nightmare came true when that cake collapsed. It made me so upset, I was literally sick. There will be no more wedding cakes in the near future for me. Thank goodness I don't have anymore scheduled right now. This has shaken my confidence so much, I am afraid to do ...
I always do my 4 tier cakes in those sizes. My most recent wedding cake was done in that size....the pic is in my photos...Pink and Brown.
Me too! I like the old style better. I know they are still working on it, so hopefully it gets better!
LOL! I have to make it a priority, and it helps that I have my own mini gym at home. All I have to do is walk downstairs to it. I usually work out a little when the kids are taking a nap in the afternoon and then again in the evening. Last spring and summer there was a point that I was working out 4+ hour a day. I was getting a little carried away with it...but I have set my limits now...
It is possible! I have lost about 65 lbs. this last year and a half. I have had a tough time through the holidays but I am happy to say I am back on track. I workout 5 days a week...sometimes twice a day. I also use and highly recommend it. I track my calories and exercises daily. I still have that piece of cake on occasion and pretty much eat what I want....all in moderation. It can be done. Good luck!
I would do a 16, 12, 9, 6" which serves 200 and two 12x18x4 kitchen cakes. I can get a 16" in my regular oven.
I have both and love them both, but I have to say that I do prefer the bowl lift. I use it so much more often!
I have done one of the cakes in the past and I believe I covered the whole cake with fondant...then with a clean serrated knife, I cut my slice out. I then iced the slice and the place of the cake that I cut my slice out with buttercream. I cut a piece of fondant and then attached it to those places and trimmed it clean. I hope this makes's kinda hard to explain! Good Luck!
I usually like to make my top tiers 6" also but I have done a 12" and a 9" tiered cake before (carebear cake in my pics). I think it all depends on the design and what you are going to have on the top tier of the cake.
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