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absolutely GEORGOUS!!!!!!!
Hey guys.....I just wanted to let you know I have listed this book on ebay for sale if anyone needs one! Item # 250060248109. Cheap!!Thanks! [/b]
SO: someone email her with the CC website!!!maybe she can be taught...just a thought
BAKE AND FREEZE EACH LAYER SEPARATELY. Be sure to wrap them well. make all your icing/fondant ahead and you should be fine. when you defrost them dont unwrap them until they are completely unthawed. hope that helps!
look in the gallery, there are loads of ideas there!
Wait! WE get BDay cakes!!!!???LOL
I made a chocolate cake and filled it with carmel mixed with bc icing, covered it with choc bc...yummy!
saw the michaels also I have one from hobby lobby that I can email you if you pm me
No way!
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