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Merkens has been around for a very long time. You would be surprised that most people cant tell the difference. It tastes good. It will give you a nice smooth coating and it melts easy. Don't  knock it till you try it!
It is. I did have someone send me a private message thank you!
Is anyone here that is in this area? A cake is needed for Saturday and I dont know anyone in that area.  Thank you!
I use a 1 pound to 1 cup cream ratio and it doesnt need to be in the fridge
I buy boxes sometimes from you only have to buy 1 at a time. and I love the brown ones.
I always tell my students it takes 100 of anything to get it right. It might not be perfect but each time you ice a cake or make a flower it will get better. Don't give up! Consistency is key! thin creamy icing will work best, Do not use too much liquid. practice practice practice. 
I would call the company and ask for a sample and see what they look like first before buying a huge amount
use half butter and half shortning.
SO, I am on the other side. I am a licensed home baker and when I had 2 cake places come into the town I am in I was mad. Mad that I had worked so hard to get my name out there with a quality product. People assume that its my place in the town and I have to correct them all the time. Its frustrating. But when one of the places opened I went to them and introduced myself and we now have a great business friendship as well as a outside friendship. I, a home baker charge...
Yes, I have them and love them! The beater blade is better than the side swipe. KA has a new one as well but I havent tried it yet
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