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I have a bride that emailed me,she lives in Sweetwater TN. If you can do a cake for her please contact me. She would be very
I loved it! I'd love to have a piece of that cream puff cake. YUM!!!
where can I find some. That taste good? Thanks!!!
I see we can leave comments now, I think it was a great contest. So many gorgeous cakes. WOW~
I have one too. add me!!
Here's an idea . How about potato sticks airbrushed black??? For the fence.Stick it together with royal. Sounds to me like a good idea! Let me know if ya try it! Andi
I went it was so awesome . I have posted some pictures on my webhots. If you'd like to see. I have lots more also just haven't had time to download them all. Hope this helps. Andi and on page 6 also. I am not sure what type he uses either??
icing is like fudge though. Please help. I'd love to find a good one before the holidays!! TIA
It will get better.. I am a Wilton instructor and I get that all the time. The ladies complain about the time and some say they did not think it was so messy .It is fun,and you can be very creative,thats why I love it!!! Like Dawn said the more you do the faster you get! Maybe like me typing on this computer? I am so slow! Best of luck.
Its called Frans. I was there this summer! She has a ton of things. Look it up in the phone book.I do remember it being off of of 123 .On University Blvd.I think. Boy I wish I was thereI 'd pick up some things!
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