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Thank you for your response, I do exactly what you say, however, I use foam boards for my base on tiers, and I struggle some times getting them cut to exactly the size of the tier. What do you use under your tiers?
I would love some input on how to get the perfect bottom edge on fondant tiers!! I still struggle with it!! How soon after covering in fondant do you stack cakes? I find if I do it too soon the bottom edge buckles a little! Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks for your opinions, I bought 2 lbs of the "sexy" pink. Thought I would check it out. I'm going to try it for some accent pieces. I used Fondx once for a wedding and didn't really care for it. I usually use SI because of cost and easy for me to get. Would love to try Massa!
Thanks for your response. I was wondering if it was easy to work with, for the price I would hope it is pretty awesome!
I would love to have some feedback from those of you who have used the Elite Fondant by Fondx! Thinking of ordering.
Have any of you tried Toba Garret's French Vanilla Buttercream. It is fantastic. My question is how does it work under fondant. Once I fondant my cakes, I can't refrigerate, Never works for me, wondering if any of you have any feed back on it. It is very light, all butter, and not to sweet. Thanks for any advice!
Looking for ideas on making beer pong cups for a cake I have been asked to make! Thanks in advance!
ThankYou, it is the real confectioners glaze, but I don't have any thinner. Urgh! I will try your suggestion! Thanks again
After applying confectioner glaze, is there a way to take away some of the shine. It's too shiny!!
Thank you! I appreciate your help!
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